Day 7 – job done!

With all the rocks collected and catalogued, we loaded 68 kilos of them into the hire car and made our way down to the shipping company in Kingstown. Traffic was particularly bad and meant the short journey took over half an hour, though this did give us the opportunity to enjoy a Caribbean chat show on the radio. Once at the shipping company, the process was sorted smoothly, and we found our work done by 11 in the morning!

Buccament Bay

We decided to treat Kemron and his colleagues to lunch in return for their help, which led us to the “treehouse bar” built entirely of wood, where we enjoyed some tasty stewed fish. We spent the afternoon exploring some of the beaches on the leeward side of the island, including the warm seas at Buccament Bay. After struggling our way back through the Kingstown traffic, we celebrated the trip success with several glasses of the excellent Captain Bligh rum from St Vincent.

The next morning, I headed off for a few days holiday in Barbados, while George moved on to Trinidad to organize the VoiLa meeting that will be held there in September. This meeting will bring together all the collaborators involved in VoiLa, from UK and European universities and our West Indian partners such as UWI Seismic. I’m hoping that by the time September rolls around I’ll have some exciting data to present out there from the samples collected on this trip!

Sunset on Barbados

The field-based blogging will continue next week, as I am lucky enough to be demonstrating on the Durham University volcanology field course to Tenerife, where I’ll be showing some very different volcanic landscapes.


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