Day 5 – how do we get the rocks home?

After our ridiculously successful day of sampling, we decided to spend Monday trying to find out the best and cheapest way to post the rock samples back to the UK. We started by visiting our local contact Kemron, part of the Soufriere Monitoring Unit who are responsible for the monitoring at La Soufriere volcano. He quickly arranged us a guide for our climb up the volcano the following day, and pointed us in the direction of a local shipping agent.

An enormous pile of cumulates ready for inspection, and posting

A quick stop at the post office on the way confirmed that the cost of air mail would be ridiculous, so we headed for the shipping company, only to be informed that the process was rather complicated and required us to get a customs broker on top of filling out several forms. Kemron came to the rescue, using his talent for having the phone number of literally anyone in St Vincent you might need, and sorted things for us with a small local shipping company.

Sunset from Indian Bay, St Vincent

After a wander round Kingstown, St Vincents capital, for lunch, we returned to the villa for a mammoth session of describing the many samples collected the day before. It was at this point I realised just how variable and interesting the various cumulates were – far too much to work on in one PhD! We rewarded ourselves for our efforts with a warm end of day swim while viewing the spectacular sunset at Indian Bay.

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